Here's the latest 10 stories we found from this week in the damage prevention & utility sectors:

  1. CGA's Next Practices Initiative Releases Visionary GIS Case Study: READ

  2. Russell Ruderman: Bury The Power Lines. It's A No-Brainer: READ

  3. Underground fire in downtown Colorado Springs causes early shelter-in-place Monday: READ

  4. Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions for a More Resilient Nation: READ

  5. Enbridge's $14 Billion US Gas Utility Buy Raises Eyebrows: READ

  6. Maine Tries to Take Back Its Utilities: READ

  7. What do locators keep in their trucks?: READ

  8. Profile of a locator - Hasten Roberts: WATCH

  9. AI or Locators - who knows best?: READ

  10. GPRS Launches New Safety Initiative to Address Aging Water, Wastewater Infrastructure: READ

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