We're on our way right now to the 2023 AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition & Spring Committee Meetings in Grapevine, Texas. We'll let you know how it goes... for now here's the latest damage prevention industry news:

  1. Baltimore residents object to BGE’s installation of gas regulators on home exteriors: READ
  2. MGISS supports FM Conway to reduce on-site risks and improve asset visibility using augmented reality: READ
  3. How Colorado Springs Utilities is preparing for upcoming spring storm: READ
  4. Husker Underground owner goes to prison: READ
  5. TBM councillors call proposed fee for gas line locates 'sneaky': READ
  6. Avoiding a ‘clean power divide’ — creating national electrification co-ops for a just energy transition: READ
  7. Utility Fast Tracking: WATCH
  8. How much would AI need to evolve to replace locating?: READ
  9. What is the Inductive Ring Clamp method? WATCH
  10. How This Company Is Solving Massive Underground Infrastructure Issues: READ

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